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About Our School

Cowes Primary School is committed to the education of the whole person. We seek to empower and inspire students through education, emphasising the intellectual, personal, emotional and social development of every child. Our learning programs are designed to challenge and engage our students, to be relevant academically and developmentally and to enable students to be truly capable young people.

Our school provides an effective educational program which contributes to the development of each of our student's physical, social, emotional, creative and intellectual potential, aiming to help prepare children to actively contribute as members of a changing society.

There is a focus on the building of self-esteem, confidence and pride in themselves, their school and the local community.This focus is reflected in our school values.

Our Values

The Cowes Primary School community values:

Mutual respect with an emphasis on empathy, tolerance, honesty and kindness.

Responsibility with an emphasis on excellence, self esteem, appropriate choices and effective organisation.

Teams with an emphasis on creativity, collaboration, effective communication and cooperation.

Learners with an emphasis on continual learning, a positive attitude, persistence and the acceptance of different learning styles.

These values are supported by the “You Can Do It” program.  The four foundations are: