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If you are considering enrolling at Cowes Primary School then we invite you to contact us to book a tour. Tours are led by the Principal or Assistant Principal and will provide you with an opportunity to learn what we have to offer, whilst asking questions about the school and becoming a part of our community.


At Cowes P.S. we believe it is essential that children have a smooth transition into their first year at school. We therefore run a comprehensive 'Transition Program.'
Its purpose is two-fold. Firstly we endeavour to give every child and parent many opportunities to become familiar with the school and in particular with the 'Prep Program'. This helps the child settle into school quickly. Secondly it gives us the opportunity to get to know the child and parents and make the best decision for placement of the child. These two aspects are vital if we are to optimise your child's learning opportunities.

The following activities are held each year for children intending to attend school the following year.

Parent Information Session

This session is run in term two by the Prep teachers and is an overview of the Prep Program. Specialist Programs During terms two and three one hour sessions are held. At each of these the children participate in two thirty minute sessions held by the specialist teachers.

Classroom Activities

At the end of term three and at the commencement of term four (in the year prior to your enrolment), five one hour sessions are run by the Prep teachers in the Prep Rooms. Children are encouraged to attend as many of these as possible.
The children participate in a variety of activities including; reading, phonics, maths and developmental activities.

Schools Here I Come

This is an individual assessment that is carried out at the kindergarten (or by arrangement) and ascertains your child's readiness for school. It allows us to gain a little knowledge about your child and therefore to set appropriate activities for your child when they first reach school.


This has been a successful part of our program now for many years. Children in Year 5 are partnered with a younger child. We have found this helps in that it gives the younger child the opportunity to get to know someone that they can go to for help or comfort when they are at school.


Interviews are held to give parents the opportunity to pass on information to the school pertaining to their individual child's strengths, needs, health issues and any other information that will help the child's transition to school a smooth one.

State Orientation Day

Held generally on the second Tuesday in December Between 9:30 and 12:30 children will participate in a morning program of activities. We endeavour to have them in the classroom and with the teacher that they will have the following year. This is important as it allows them to see which friends they will be with for the following year. A meeting of parents will take place in the gym on the same day commencing at 9:30.

Pool Paddle

This is our final orientation activity for the year and is held at the pool between 2:15 and 3:15 on the Friday following Orientation Day. Come along with your child and enjoy a quick swim and afternoon tea. If you want to know more or would like tour please ring the school for an appointment.

General Information for Parents

Documents Required on Enrolment

Parents/Guardians are required to provide the following documents to the school prior to their child starting:

Completed Student Enrolment Form
Birth Certificate
Immunization Statement


Due to legislation, an Immunization Certificate is mandatory for children enrolling at school.  Certificates are obtained from the Shire where your child was immunized, and must be presented to the school before your child is enrolled.  If your child is not immunized, he/she will be excluded from school if there is an outbreak of a serious infectious disease.

Copies of these documents are kept in the office and are confidential. 

Medical Cards

School Medical staff will examine all Prep children during the year.  Cards will be issued before the School Nurse is due to attend.  Please check that all details are filled in correctly and return promptly.  You will be contacted if any problems arise.

Dental Health

The School Dental Service provides dental treatment and dental health education for school children. The Dental Service provide the school with information for interested parents, or phone 1300 360 054.

Admission of Beginners

All children commence school at 9 am.  If you bring your child on the first day, come into the classroom and get your child a name tag.  We ask that all parents leave together and have a Tears & Cheers drink with the Parents’ Club in the Gymnasium.
Commencing on the first school day, all children will be dismissed at 3.30 pm.  Preps will NOT attend school on Wednesdays until after the Labour Day Holiday Weekend, when they will commence school full time.


School uniform is compulsory. Uniform Shop hours - 8:30am to 9:30am every school Monday.
Click here for Uniform requirements and here for the Uniform Price List.

Lunches & Lunch Orders

Clearly label lunch boxes, bags or drink bottles with your child’s name and room number.  Children are supervised while they eat lunch from 1 pm till 1.10 pm in the classroom. 

We are fortunate to have a canteen at our school that operates every school day.
See the canteen menu and price list. This is also sent home early in the new school year. 

School Bank

Bank Day for student deposits only is on Tuesday.  Bank application packs are available at the school office. Please only send sufficient amount of money to fit in bank book pouch.